Types of Capsicum Available With Details & All Other Information

In case you don’t know, capsicums are not only green or red, but they can also be orange, yellow, or even purple – they all are pretty common, and available to purchase from your nearest grocery stores. Moreover, capsicums are not varied by colors only; there’s a whole lot of different types of capsicums you might come across at markets. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of all common and not-so-common capsicums for your convenience; so let’s dive into it.

Types of Capsicum

Cherry Peppers 

Many can mistake them as tomatoes sometimes as they look similar. They are sweet, yet a bit spicier than other common capsicums, and that’s their main USP. They are great to be added to salads or other food dressings.

Cubanelle Peppers

Initially, they can be yellowish or green, but the color gets darken gradually and eventually turn red once ripen fully. These types of capsicums look long and thin, and it will be best if you use them while they are still unripe.

Green Capsicums

Now, these are the commonest form of capsicums that we use in a variety of dishes. You can stuff these with other veggies or ground meat and then saute in olive oil till it gets a little tender; try it, and you’d love this.

Italian Frying Capsicums

They are named like this as they can be best enjoyed when sliced or cut to thin pieces and then fried in olive oil. Then you can add them to sandwiches, pizza, or other preparations.

Orange Capsicums

They have a little bit less flavor than red capsicums, but look pretty and taste similarly sweet. you can roast them or consume raw in salads.

Purple Capsicums

These taste less sweet than the orange, red or yellow varieties – but sweeter if compared to the green capsicums. This particular type is a bit uncommon, so you can add them to your dishes to surprise your guests.

Red Capsicums

Among the most common sweet capsicums, this is people’s favorite due to its bright red color and amazing sweet flavor.

Roasting Pimentos

As the name suggests, it tastes best when used roasted. It’s a bit more sugary, and roasting extracts the full sweetness out of it.

Yellow Capsicums

They can easily replace orange or red types as yellow capsicums taste almost the same, albeit a little milder sweet. They can be consumed roasted, drizzled with olive oil, or just raw according to what your dish requires.

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